Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Elmo Live!

We took Anderson to see Elmo's live show for his birthday.  He seemed to be much more excited about going without Owen than he did about seeing Elmo.  Every time we'd say where are you going for your birthday, he'd say, 'To see Elmo without Owen'.   He was also excited about and ate so much popcorn!


 Waving to the characters...

He told me on the way over that he was going to give Elmo a kiss.  I told him he probably wouldn't be able to, but that he might be able to give him a high five.  We got to the show and had great seats, but, the characters weren't in the aisle as much as they were when we took Owen and we weren't on the end.  And by the time we got Anderson's attention and get him to the end of the row, the character had moved on.  He wasn't the happiest camper because he wanted to touch the characters and didn't understand why we wouldn't let him chase them down.

In the final minutes, Cookie Monster saved the day!  The little girl on the end of our row was terrified of Cookie Monster.  She likes the others, but not Cookie...which gave Anderson plenty of access and Cookie Monster gave him a hug.  What a happy little guy with that hug!   It's hard to tell and I didn't get a picture of the hug, but this is Cookie Monster.

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