Monday, June 4, 2012

Birthday Celebrations

We have officially completed the celebration of Anderson's 3rd for a review in pictures starting with part 1.

My cousin, Bill was in town, so we kicked off the celebrating with him, my dad and Cindi and my sister and her kids.  Bill lives in Buffalo and as a kid, I was convinced the the Buffalo Bills were named after him.

Anderson's cake before Elise climbed up on the counter and helped herself.


  It was a big bag!

 The next morning, he was a little sad that he didn't get to go to school.  He thought that since he got his book bag, it meant it was time for him to go to school.  We have a couple of kids very excited about school this fall!
 He was so cute when we started singing, he loves to be the center of attention and was singing along with us.

 Big brother just couldn't help himself and helped blow out the candle.

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