Saturday, June 23, 2012

3 Year Stats

Anderson was the lucky fella to head to the doctor on Owen's birthday...even luckier because there were no shots involved...just a finger prick.

We found out what we expected...he's still on the smaller side, but he's catching up.

Weight - 31 pounds, 50th percentile, up from 30th at 2 year.
Height - 36 inches, 25th percentile, up from 10th at 2 year (and 5th at 18 months)

He had an eye exam.  The first shape was a problem.  He didn't get the next shape and neither did I.  It was like a chopped off heart, sort of apple kind of thing but no stem.  Next up was a house...which he cutely called 'dog house.'  And then was distracted by the crying baby and trying to figure out where the baby was and why he was crying.  He's not running into walls or standing super close to the TV, so I think he's fine.

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