Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sleeping Arrangements

The kids have been trying out different place to sleep.

They tried the backyard with daddy last weekend after roasting hot dogs over the fire.

And they tried out Owen's bed together last night.

The tent was clearly a better option as they slept all night.  When they were in Owen's bed, Owen woke me up crying around 1:30.  It seems that his brother was taking up too much of the bed and he didn't have enough room.  I told him to scoot Anderson over and he said 'I keep doing that, but he just gets right next to me again.'  So, I carried Anderson back to his own bed and we had a peaceful rest of the night.

Owen has also finally decided that he once again sleeps better without a night!  A week or so ago, we moved it out of his room and into the bathroom.  Earlier this week, it wasn't turned on when he went to bed.  The next morning, he hollered down to me that he hadn't his light wasn't on and he wanted to know if it was on when I went to bed.  I was bracing myself for him to be all upset about it.  When I said no, he said 'I slept so much better without it.'  And has reminded us each night that he sleeps better without it.

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