Monday, April 23, 2012

Super Saturday

We had a super time at Super Saturday!  Super Saturday is a big fundraiser for the school Owen will be going to next year.  We went with Madelyn and Courtney and had so much fun getting faces painted, riding horses, playing games, jumping in bounce houses, doing the cake walk, seeing friends, eating lunch...and we didn't even make it into the silent auction!

I was a bit relieved that we didn't win in the cake walk.  When we were in there, there were 3 cakes left...2 of which were a Mountain Dew pound cake and a red velvet cake.  Aaron's favorite drink is Mt. Dew and favorite cake is red velvet...that would have been a tricky decision.  I told him I would have gotten the Mt. Dew cake since it was homemade and he said it would have been the correct choice.  The kindergarten classes are in charge of the cake walk, so I think I'll be making a cake for next year's Super Saturday.

This batman face literally took 5 was amazing how quickly she did it.  

 Tractor pulled barrel ride.  They all wanted to ride in the red car...haha!

   Anderson's horse was huge!  He looks so little up there...and he loved every second!  She told him to say whoa at the end of the ride and told him that that tells the horse to stop.  He said, 'no whoa, keep going.'

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