Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Random pics

Just a few fun pictures....

Owen tried Thin Mints...and then claimed them!  I can't say I blame him...these are my favorites too!

I love bath time pictures.  Owen has been taking bath/showers more and more by himself and I see fun brotherly bath time quickly passing us by.

I found this picture on my phone from last summer...I'm pretty sure this is Donner.

We have a dove on our front porch...the egg hatched and she's back.   I wonder if she's got a new egg?  Every time I go to check, she's sitting there.  She's much more faithful than Mazy, you know the lazy bird from Horton Hatches the Egg.  Aaron power washed the front porch and she stayed on her nest the entire time.
The babies were so cute and fluffy.  I had a moment when I found out there were 2 birds from 1 egg.  Yes, I know I'm nutty, but it had been a tough week and I miss Evan. 

And another oldish picture from my phone.  I try to take them to a basketball game and a baseball game each season.  They love to go and cheer for daddy!

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