Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

He is risen!

What a great Easter season we have had teaching the kids why we celebrate Easter.  It is so sweet to see Owen 'getting it'.  He has told us that he has asked Jesus into his heart, but we don't think he truly understands yet.  His understanding is certainly growing and he understands that Jesus is alive and that Jesus died for our sins.  What a privilege it is to teach your child about God!  And what a privilege it is to have a personal relationship with God and experience the grace and mercy He gives.

We were going to color eggs, but when I got them out to color, I only had 4 white and the rest were brown.  I wasn't sure that they would color very well, so we made Easter cards instead.  We did shaving cream art to get the marbled effect on the eggs and then Owen and Anderson cut the grass.  They love love love using scissors, so this was a ton of fun for them.  I was surprise at how well Anderson did with it.  I marked lines on the paper for them to cut and they went to town.
 Then we colored pictures to go on the inside of the cards.

 Owen loves to color and is very detailed...such a little perfectionist!  He impressed me by coloring the eggs in a pattern...and telling me that he was doing so.

We delivered some of our cards on Saturday to Aaron's mom and grandma since we wouldn't see them on Easter.  Aaron's mom gave them some goodies, of which one item was a package of electrical tape.  Tape is up there with cutting and coloring...big hit!  After I had tucked the kids in on Saturday night, I found this....a cross made from electrical tape.  It brought tears to my eyes to see how much Owen is learning and growing.  I have no idea when he made it.

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