Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter 2!

Easter Sunday was a busy day.  We started the day off hunting for Easter baskets.  They found Anderson's first.

Checking out the goodies...
 Super excited about the spiderman mask.  Wanted the tag off right away.  Then Anderson put it on, climbed on the coffee table did the hand flick thing spiderman does and jumped down.  Oh no!  Bad idea Easter Bunny!
 Waiting patiently for the tag to come off.
 Owen hunting for his basket...
 Found it!
   Excited for his Batman mask.

 Cool dude!  Easter bunny went the route of less candy this year.

They sampled some bunny ears....Watson's chocolate is the best!

 And switched masks.

 Then it was time to get dressed for church.


 The church egg hunt was after church this year and it was a beautiful day.  Owen was quite the strategic thinker.  The other kids stopped as soon as they got in the gate and started picking up eggs.  Owen headed to the back of the field where he had free reign.  The church does about 3000 eggs, so there were plenty for all of the kids.


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