Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Growing...and it's pains

Owen has recently hit a major growth 2-3 inches in a month growth spurt.  He's about 45 inches now.  It was challenging for all!  Our little preemie has taken off!  He was in 4T pants this fall.  Thank goodness it is now mostly shorts season because he has outgrown some of his size 5 pants that he's only had for a few weeks!

He was having frequent nightmares (every 2-3 nights), behavior issues at school and home, and frequent growing pain in his knees.   I had no idea the nightmares were tied to the growth spurt until I was googling behavior issues and growth spurt.  I felt like they had to be related, but wanted to see if I could find some proof and stumbled upon the nightmare connection.  For what it's worth, the 'experts' disagree.  But now that he seems to be through the growth spurt, his personality is back to normal, so I definitely think it was that all of his rest time was going to growth and not to impulse control.  We also seem to be at an end of the nightmares.

However, the growing pains continue.  The other night it felt like we had a newborn again.  He was up hourly crying because his legs hurt.  I ended up staying in his bed with him several trips up by both Aaron and me.  He'd sleep for an hour or so and then wake up crying and tossing and turning in pain.  Poor kid!

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Maridith Fitts said...

Poor guy! I remember my brothers crying many of nights because of pains in their legs! Hope your basketball player is feeling better!