Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Goin' to Grandma's

They kids recently spent a night away.  Owen was at my mom's and Anderson had his first solo overnight with Aaron's mom.  They were both so excited for their adventures and had a great time!  Owen left earlier in the day than Anderson did.  Anderson and I left to run errands shortly after Owen left.  Anderson was all worried that we'd forgotten his bag.  I explained to him that he'd get to go after nap time.  I told him that he and I would nap in Owen's bed and after we slept, he'd be ready to go to Grandma JuJu's.  Silly mommy!  I should know better by now!  After about 30 minutes, I told him he needed to lay still and go to sleep or he was going to have to go to his bed.  To which he replied, "I go to my bed now."  He went to his room and of course didn't nap.  I finally gave up on the thought of him taking a nap and went into his room.  He jumped off his bed and said 'Go to Grandma JuJu's now!'

Aaron and I had planned on going out to a late dinner, but a day of rain delayed Aaron's games and I don't eat dinner at 10:00 :(.   It was so very nice to sleep in the next morning though!

This is not a picture of Anderson's room that day, but it was similar.  And, this is why Anderson no longer has any toys in his room...this seems to be the normal naptime routine....all play and no nap!  Anderson, you are 2...you need to nap!

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