Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Random pics

Just a few fun pictures....

Owen tried Thin Mints...and then claimed them!  I can't say I blame him...these are my favorites too!

I love bath time pictures.  Owen has been taking bath/showers more and more by himself and I see fun brotherly bath time quickly passing us by.

I found this picture on my phone from last summer...I'm pretty sure this is Donner.

We have a dove on our front porch...the egg hatched and she's back.   I wonder if she's got a new egg?  Every time I go to check, she's sitting there.  She's much more faithful than Mazy, you know the lazy bird from Horton Hatches the Egg.  Aaron power washed the front porch and she stayed on her nest the entire time.
The babies were so cute and fluffy.  I had a moment when I found out there were 2 birds from 1 egg.  Yes, I know I'm nutty, but it had been a tough week and I miss Evan. 

And another oldish picture from my phone.  I try to take them to a basketball game and a baseball game each season.  They love to go and cheer for daddy!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Super Saturday

We had a super time at Super Saturday!  Super Saturday is a big fundraiser for the school Owen will be going to next year.  We went with Madelyn and Courtney and had so much fun getting faces painted, riding horses, playing games, jumping in bounce houses, doing the cake walk, seeing friends, eating lunch...and we didn't even make it into the silent auction!

I was a bit relieved that we didn't win in the cake walk.  When we were in there, there were 3 cakes left...2 of which were a Mountain Dew pound cake and a red velvet cake.  Aaron's favorite drink is Mt. Dew and favorite cake is red velvet...that would have been a tricky decision.  I told him I would have gotten the Mt. Dew cake since it was homemade and he said it would have been the correct choice.  The kindergarten classes are in charge of the cake walk, so I think I'll be making a cake for next year's Super Saturday.

This batman face literally took 5 minutes...it was amazing how quickly she did it.  

 Tractor pulled barrel ride.  They all wanted to ride in the red car...haha!

   Anderson's horse was huge!  He looks so little up there...and he loved every second!  She told him to say whoa at the end of the ride and told him that that tells the horse to stop.  He said, 'no whoa, keep going.'

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Growing...and it's pains

Owen has recently hit a major growth spurt..like 2-3 inches in a month growth spurt.  He's about 45 inches now.  It was challenging for all!  Our little preemie has taken off!  He was in 4T pants this fall.  Thank goodness it is now mostly shorts season because he has outgrown some of his size 5 pants that he's only had for a few weeks!

He was having frequent nightmares (every 2-3 nights), behavior issues at school and home, and frequent growing pain in his knees.   I had no idea the nightmares were tied to the growth spurt until I was googling behavior issues and growth spurt.  I felt like they had to be related, but wanted to see if I could find some proof and stumbled upon the nightmare connection.  For what it's worth, the 'experts' disagree.  But now that he seems to be through the growth spurt, his personality is back to normal, so I definitely think it was that all of his rest time was going to growth and not to impulse control.  We also seem to be at an end of the nightmares.

However, the growing pains continue.  The other night it felt like we had a newborn again.  He was up hourly crying because his legs hurt.  I ended up staying in his bed with him several trips up by both Aaron and me.  He'd sleep for an hour or so and then wake up crying and tossing and turning in pain.  Poor kid!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Goin' to Grandma's

They kids recently spent a night away.  Owen was at my mom's and Anderson had his first solo overnight with Aaron's mom.  They were both so excited for their adventures and had a great time!  Owen left earlier in the day than Anderson did.  Anderson and I left to run errands shortly after Owen left.  Anderson was all worried that we'd forgotten his bag.  I explained to him that he'd get to go after nap time.  I told him that he and I would nap in Owen's bed and after we slept, he'd be ready to go to Grandma JuJu's.  Silly mommy!  I should know better by now!  After about 30 minutes, I told him he needed to lay still and go to sleep or he was going to have to go to his bed.  To which he replied, "I go to my bed now."  He went to his room and of course didn't nap.  I finally gave up on the thought of him taking a nap and went into his room.  He jumped off his bed and said 'Go to Grandma JuJu's now!'

Aaron and I had planned on going out to a late dinner, but a day of rain delayed Aaron's games and I don't eat dinner at 10:00 :(.   It was so very nice to sleep in the next morning though!

This is not a picture of Anderson's room that day, but it was similar.  And, this is why Anderson no longer has any toys in his room...this seems to be the normal naptime routine....all play and no nap!  Anderson, you are 2...you need to nap!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter 3!

After church, we went to my sister's house to celebrate Easter and Will and Elise's 4th and 2nd birthdays.

We did another egg hunt...eagerly waiting to go outside to find eggs!

 Cutie pie baby Elise who isn't such a baby anymore.

Happy Easter 2!

Easter Sunday was a busy day.  We started the day off hunting for Easter baskets.  They found Anderson's first.

Checking out the goodies...
 Super excited about the spiderman mask.  Wanted the tag off right away.  Then Anderson put it on, climbed on the coffee table did the hand flick thing spiderman does and jumped down.  Oh no!  Bad idea Easter Bunny!
 Waiting patiently for the tag to come off.
 Owen hunting for his basket...
 Found it!
   Excited for his Batman mask.

 Cool dude!  Easter bunny went the route of less candy this year.

They sampled some bunny ears....Watson's chocolate is the best!

 And switched masks.

 Then it was time to get dressed for church.


 The church egg hunt was after church this year and it was a beautiful day.  Owen was quite the strategic thinker.  The other kids stopped as soon as they got in the gate and started picking up eggs.  Owen headed to the back of the field where he had free reign.  The church does about 3000 eggs, so there were plenty for all of the kids.