Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Owen started soccer last night..I'm a little concerned that that makes me a 'soccer mom'.  I don't think I've ever seen him so excited about something.  They worked on several skills and then broke into small groups to scrimmage.  I'd say it was definitely a successful first outing.

The gorgeous weather from last week departed just in time for us to spend an hour freezing our tushies.  At least there wasn't snow like my parents had to suffer through during some of my soccer playing youth in NY.
And after we got home in his new jersey.  Please ignore the dog tail in the picture. 

Anderson and I spent about half of practice in the truck.  He kept asking me to take his picture.
 Trying out brother's big boy seat.

 Driving with his feet.  Notice his cleats.  He was so upset that he didn't get a jersey...I have a feeling we'll have 2 playing soccer in the fall.
Let's hope it's a lot warmer next Monday!

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