Monday, March 19, 2012

Oh Anderson!

This adorable child is a MESS!   He is such a fun and funny little guy.  He loves to be the center of attention and make people laugh.  We joke that he is the family extrovert.  He does not know a stranger.

While we were in the grocery store on Saturday, he waved to everyone we passed.

He was playing outside on Saturday.  He came in and started taking his clothes off.  I asked him what he was doing and he said 'I play outside naked.'  Ummm, no you aren't!!

I sent Owen and Anderson to use the bathroom before we left for church yesterday morning.  Next thing I know, there is all kinds of fighting, screaming and crying.  When I stepped in to find out the problem, they were fighting over who had bigger muscles.  Somehow I didn't not expect that to be a fighting topic at ages 2 and 4!

When it was time to leave church, Anderson made sure everyone in our path from the nursery to the door had a hug.

As folks from our church home group were leaving our house last night, Anderson, wearing just shorts, decided to start dancing on the front step while singing 'I'm a rock star!'

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