Friday, March 9, 2012


Anderson had his first dental checkup.  It was supposed to be just a 'happy visit' to get him comfortable with the idea of dentistry, but, he was so ready to go, she went ahead and did a cleaning.  Owen went first and told me I didn't need to take pictures of him because it wasn't his first time.  Anderson learned well from his big brother...he hopped up and opened wide!

Last week, Owen said 'Mommy, it's March.  That means we get to go to the dentist!'  Let's hope this enthusiasm keeps up as the years go by.  Owen has been great the past few weeks telling Anderson what he could expect at the dentist.  He told him all about Mr. Thirsty and the magic toothbrush, complete with sound effects.  And of course, he let Anderson know that if he was a good boy, he'd get to pick a prize out of the treasure box.

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