Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Owen to me after I found something he was looking for..."Mom, you're a good looker."

Owen had a craft at school involving rainbows leading up to St. Paddy's.  He told me you can remember the order of the colors by 'Roy Bigs.'  He's pretty close!

Yesterday on the way to soccer, we saw a sign for a Methodist Church.  Owen said to Anderson 'Did you see that sign with the cross and the red flag?  That is my favorite picture.'

Owen this morning, 'Mom, there is a 7 on my clock and a 7 on Anderson's but it's still dark.  Can we get up?'
Me 'Yes, it's because of the time change, it will be darker in the mornings for a bit and light when you go to bed.'
Owen 'It's not going to be light during the day?'

And, in case you were wondering how 'down' is pronounced in the South, here's a pronunciation guide from Anderson.

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