Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Book Character Day

I realized once I was home last night that today was book character day for Owen.  I looked through his books, Anderson's books and the downstairs books and came up empty.  I went back up and looked through again...Big Dog Little Dog had been hiding!

Introducing, Ted!

He asked me this morning who was going to be his big dog.  He also asked, jokingly, if he had to wear pants since the dog in the book doesn't wear pants.

Anderson also wanted his picture taken with a book.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Oh Anderson!

This adorable child is a MESS!   He is such a fun and funny little guy.  He loves to be the center of attention and make people laugh.  We joke that he is the family extrovert.  He does not know a stranger.

While we were in the grocery store on Saturday, he waved to everyone we passed.

He was playing outside on Saturday.  He came in and started taking his clothes off.  I asked him what he was doing and he said 'I play outside naked.'  Ummm, no you aren't!!

I sent Owen and Anderson to use the bathroom before we left for church yesterday morning.  Next thing I know, there is all kinds of fighting, screaming and crying.  When I stepped in to find out the problem, they were fighting over who had bigger muscles.  Somehow I didn't not expect that to be a fighting topic at ages 2 and 4!

When it was time to leave church, Anderson made sure everyone in our path from the nursery to the door had a hug.

As folks from our church home group were leaving our house last night, Anderson, wearing just shorts, decided to start dancing on the front step while singing 'I'm a rock star!'

Thursday, March 15, 2012

NCAA Tournament

It's that time of year, but this year has some extra excitement in our house.

On Sunday, March 4, Aaron received an email that he'd been selected to officiate the Division II Men's NCAA Tournament...things moved quickly from there.  He found out early Monday morning that he'd be going to Alabama.  And then he started getting calls from the NCAA travel agency, the site coordinator and seems like a million other people.   On Friday, he flew to Alabama.

Twelve officials are selected to work at each regional site.  All twelve call the opening round, which was Saturday.  At the end of the day, there is a meeting and 6 of the officials are told they've been selected to call on Sunday and the other 6 are sent home.  Since this was Aaron's first trip to the Regionals, he expected to head home on Sunday.  But, he didn't!  I had asked him to email me so that I would know as soon as I was awake on Sunday morning.  The email said that he was calling on Sunday!  Then I got a phone call late Sunday night...he was one of the 3 officials selected to move on to the regional final/sweet sixteen game!!   Whohoo!  I'm so proud of him...he's worked incredibly hard for this honor.

Congratulations, Aaron!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Owen to me after I found something he was looking for..."Mom, you're a good looker."

Owen had a craft at school involving rainbows leading up to St. Paddy's.  He told me you can remember the order of the colors by 'Roy Bigs.'  He's pretty close!

Yesterday on the way to soccer, we saw a sign for a Methodist Church.  Owen said to Anderson 'Did you see that sign with the cross and the red flag?  That is my favorite picture.'

Owen this morning, 'Mom, there is a 7 on my clock and a 7 on Anderson's but it's still dark.  Can we get up?'
Me 'Yes, it's because of the time change, it will be darker in the mornings for a bit and light when you go to bed.'
Owen 'It's not going to be light during the day?'

And, in case you were wondering how 'down' is pronounced in the South, here's a pronunciation guide from Anderson.

Friday, March 9, 2012


Anderson had his first dental checkup.  It was supposed to be just a 'happy visit' to get him comfortable with the idea of dentistry, but, he was so ready to go, she went ahead and did a cleaning.  Owen went first and told me I didn't need to take pictures of him because it wasn't his first time.  Anderson learned well from his big brother...he hopped up and opened wide!

Last week, Owen said 'Mommy, it's March.  That means we get to go to the dentist!'  Let's hope this enthusiasm keeps up as the years go by.  Owen has been great the past few weeks telling Anderson what he could expect at the dentist.  He told him all about Mr. Thirsty and the magic toothbrush, complete with sound effects.  And of course, he let Anderson know that if he was a good boy, he'd get to pick a prize out of the treasure box.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Owen started soccer last night..I'm a little concerned that that makes me a 'soccer mom'.  I don't think I've ever seen him so excited about something.  They worked on several skills and then broke into small groups to scrimmage.  I'd say it was definitely a successful first outing.

The gorgeous weather from last week departed just in time for us to spend an hour freezing our tushies.  At least there wasn't snow like my parents had to suffer through during some of my soccer playing youth in NY.
And after we got home in his new jersey.  Please ignore the dog tail in the picture. 

Anderson and I spent about half of practice in the truck.  He kept asking me to take his picture.
 Trying out brother's big boy seat.

 Driving with his feet.  Notice his cleats.  He was so upset that he didn't get a jersey...I have a feeling we'll have 2 playing soccer in the fall.
Let's hope it's a lot warmer next Monday!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Yard Work

We had perfect weather yesterday.

 Pointing at the '7' he was excited to find on our house numbers.

 Stepping on the shovel like he saw daddy doing.

 The battery on the lawnmower died...Aaron used the trailer caddy to get it back to the kids' shed.  Anderson was in charge of steering.  You can see that they are headed directly toward the fence, despite Aaron saying 'turn, turn'.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Teaching Numbers

Around our house, we teach numbers in a different order than most.  We start with 7, then 3, and then we move to the normal starting point of 1.  Why?  Well, 7 is the time they are allowed out of their rooms in the morning and 3 is the time they are allowed out after nap time.  Anderson has been in his toddler bed a year now and would wait in his bed for Owen or us.  But, he just recently realized that he can open his door and leave his room anytime he wants.  So, I decided it was time to work on number 7.  It has been about a week and a half and is working like a champ.  He is so proud of himself for knowing there is a 7 on his clock and waiting for it before he emerges.  When I remind him at night to wait for a 7, he tells me it needs to be on 'this side' (that is the left side).  The alarm setting is something like 5:07 and he likes to flip to that setting and show me the 7, but tell me it's on the wrong side.

We started this with Owen when he was just about 3 years old out of safety concerns (their rooms are upstairs and ours is downstairs).  He wandered downstairs a few times in the middle of the night exploring his new found freedom and one morning Aaron found him asleep on one of the top steps...yikes!  But, it also has the added benefit of letting me sleep in until 7 on the weekends and make sure nap time is long enough for all of us to get a rest and for me to get some things accomplished.