Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kid talk

We heard some funny stuff over the Christmas break...

Anderson and I were putting together an alphabet puzzle.  I handed him a piece and...
Me:  Here is the letter 'u'
A:  Yep, the letter me
Me: No, the letter 'u'
A: (getting irritated),  no, the letter ME

One of Owen's teachers gave him a packet of hot chocolate, some marshmallows (or as Owen still calls them, harshmallows), and a cute little poem.  I prepared it for him on Christmas Eve morning.  After he finished it, he said 'Hey, I'm not supposed to have chocolate for breakfast.'

A couple of days after Christmas...
O:  Did Santa get my shed from the tool store?
Me:  I don't know buddy.
O:  I think he did.  He got it from the orange tool store.  The blue one doesn't have any sheds like mine.
For the record...he is correct.

Owen turned on the CD he got from VBS this summer.  The song, Jesus is the Rock came on.  We clearly have some work to do...Owen was all excited because the song 'Jesus is Rotten' was coming on.

After breakfast the other day...
O: That was a good breakfast hon

Anderson was saying grace the other night at dinner.  Owen distracted him as he was beginning to say 'Amen', which then came out 'A', pause 'B', 'C.'

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