Monday, December 31, 2012


Owen was excited to try out a new sport coat for church yesterday.  He is getting so grown up and handsome!

Thursday, December 27, 2012


Some of the things keeping us busy over the Christmas break...

Owen and Daddy went to a UNC game while Anderson and Mommy went bowling.

 Just a little embarrassing.  Haha!  But I didn't have bumpers or a ramp.  Now you know why I'm not a fan of bowling.

Owen played the piano in church on Christmas Sunday.

Ready for the kids Christmas message.  Owen is second from the left and Anderson on the far right.

The kids had a camp out in Anderson's room, and had fun playing in the tent before bed.

Anderson had a Christmas program at school.

Owen learned about electricity.

We made a stop at Krispy Kreme after riding around looking at Christmas lights.  They may or may not have polished off 3 donuts each!

Bird Houses

Aaron and the kids made Granny and Grandma Sue bird houses for Christmas.

They picked out their own paint colors...tarheel blue and green.

Riding and Scooting

Christmas Day weather was beautiful...but we were busy with gifts and naps and family visits and didn't make it outside to try out the new toys.  The 26th was cold and rainy, but we still found a little bit of time to head outside (even if still in pjs late into the afternoon).

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Day

Santa came!

Owen's requests this year:  Nintendo DS, dress clothes like Harry wears in Spiderman, a Bass Pro play set.

Anderson's request this year:  a big boy bicycle.

They were very good and Santa delivered their requests and a few surprises.