Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Day

We had a great Christmas Day, even though we all had bad colds.  This is the first year that Owen remembered Christmas from the year prior and it really made this year a lot of fun.  We spent a lot of time talking about Jesus and why we have Christmas.  We enjoyed reading the Christmas story around the tree on Christmas Eve.

The kids once again slept in a bit on Christmas Day...all tuckered out from the festivities on Christmas Eve.

Santa came!

Anderson started right away on his stocking and still had unopened items about 3 hours later.  Good thing for him he has a big brother more than willing to help him open gifts!

Owen had 3 things on his list for Santa...a shed, a jigsaw, and a headlight.
 Santa brought Anderson a bike helmet.

 So excited to find a jigsaw in this tool set.

 And, very excited about his headlight.
 A 'go tarheels' hat for Anderson...he dove right into playing with the new toys.

 After Owen opened his jigsaw, headlight and a few other gifts, Aaron asked him if Santa had brought him everything he asked for.  Owen said 'Well, he didn't bring me a shed.'  Aaron asked him where Santa would put it and Owen pointed over next to the tv and said, 'right there.'  Aaron then asked where he'd use the shed.  And the wheels started turning in his head as he thought to look outside!  And to think that I had been so worried about his looking out of his window before he came downstairs!  He ran to the door and was so excited to find that Santa had delivered!  He took his jigsaw right out and is ready to go!
 The big elf made this super cool peg's on a stand and on wheels so they can move it all around the shed.

Putsin' around...just like his dad does.  He was moving things all around.

 Aaron's big gift...
 Anderson was so excited to get tools of his own that Santa dropped off at Grandma Juju's house and she brought over Christmas Day.

 Owen has been working away in his shed.  He was excited to move his workbench and lawnmower over from Daddy's shed and hang up his tools.

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Heather said...

Their own shed? What an awesome gift!!! So happy that y'all had a Merry Christmas!