Friday, December 9, 2011

Oh what they say...

A few things I want to remember Anderson saying...
More than once, when in a hurry, he's shortened mommy and daddy to 'Mah-ddy.'

Owen was snuggled up with me and I told him he is getting so big.  Anderson said 'Un-uh, Owen not big.  He can't touch the ceiling.'

He was playing with his dinosaurs and said 'This one is the mommy and this one is the daddy.  Hi sweetheart (long drawn out and southern on the sweetheart).'

I've said it before and I'll say it again...I love to hear my kids is such a sweet and innocent time with them and God.  And, it can be quite entertaining.

Saying the blessing at our house has in the past month or so has turned into individual blessings.  Once we get through the fighting of who gets to go first, Owen starts with 'Dear Jesus, Thank you for mommy's food and daddy's food and Anderson's food and my food.'  Anderson then has a turn...'Dear Jesus, thank you for mommy's food and daddy's food and Owen's food and my food.'  Which is then often followed by Aaron saying a family blessing.

We often have a similar repeat at bedtime with 'Please help mommy to sleep good and please help daddy to sleep good.'  The list continues to include inanimate objects sleeping well such as the house and beds and stuffed animals.  Or, it is the thank you list.  Anderson's recently was 'Thank you for my night light and that it goes on and off.  And thank you for my big light that it goes on and off.'

Anderson is Mr. Independent in almost all things and definitely with song time, wanting to sing the songs himself.  I love to hear them sing!

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