Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

A few things I'm thankful for...

Jesus and that he loves me enough to die for me.
My wonderful husband who is also the world's most awesomist dad.
Our 3 boys...raising these 2 adorables and knowing that Evan is waiting for me in heaven.

My parents, sister, in-laws and extended family and that they mostly live close by.
My wonderful friends...old and new.
Our fantastic church family. 
Coconut's amazing stuff.
Good health
A wonderful job...I get a little bored with it at times, but it is a great job, particularly at this time in our lives.
That we get to live in America and for the men and women who have, are and will sacrifice so that we are free.  And the loved ones who stay home and miss them and fear for their safety.

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