Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Anderson had his half-birthday this past Saturday.  Hard to believe he's already 2 and a half.  Such a big boy!

A few fun things he's been saying lately...first is courtesy of his daddy...'Put a sock in it.'  It's quite funny to hear him, he really has great comedic timing, and a great giggle to follow his funnies.
When we ask him "why are you xxx?", he answers, "that's why."
He loves to play cars, tag and police man, and is almost always the one getting locked up.  He can peddle his tricycle and loves to be outside.
He loves meat and cheese.  I joke that he is on Atkins.  There are so many nights for dinner that he'll only eat meat...and all meat is called chicken.
He loves his thumb, blankie and lion.  He hates to be woken up.  He makes his bed every morning and after most nap times without needing to be reminded.
He is trying so hard to dress himself...still having a little of trouble with shirts.

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Jill said...

Happy half birthday Anderson! Sounds like you are becoming such a big boy!