Thursday, October 27, 2011

So Sweet!

As told to me via Maria...

On the way to school, Anderson was complaining the sun was in his eyes.  Owen told him that we need the sun to live and that the sun helps the leaves change colors.  Then he said 'Mrs. Maria, you should see Evan's tree, it's beautiful.'  Then he told her that he has 2 Papas.  She asked their names and he said Papa Jack and Papa Tim.  She asked who was who and he said Papa Jack is mommy's daddy and Papa Tim is daddy's daddy.  He then told her that Papa Tim is in heaven and that he and Evan are looking out for each other.

Oh how I love this kid!  And just so you can all see how beautiful Evan's tree is, here's a picture.

 Papa Jack suggested and gifted Autumn Blaze Maples for the boys.  I love the red color they are in the fall.

And if you see Owen's Papa Jack, tomorrow is his birthday.  Happy Birthday, Dad!

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Casey said...

precious! and the tree is breath taking!