Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Funnies

Riding in the car...
Owen:  Daddy, can I tell you something
Aaron:  Sure, buddy
Owen:  I'll tell you how to spell stop...O-F-F
Aaron:  Well, that is actually off
Owen:  No, because when I'm using your vacuum and I want it to stop, I turn it to o-f-f

The kids were in the tub and Aaron scolded Anderson for making a mess pouring water on the floor,  he started crying saying 'I want mommy' (he always cries for the other parent when he is in trouble).  Aaron asked him what is mommy going to do and he said 'save me.'

I asked Anderson one morning if he was going to keep his pants dry and he said 'Yeah, dude', with a drawn out 'yeah'.

Our church just started home groups and we are hosting one.  We've had one so far and Owen was so excited to have a house full of people.  He was looking out of the window for about 2 hours asking constantly, when are the people going to get here.  Owen had a blast playing with Jacob (6) and they provided the humor for the group when Owen dove into the chair with 2 balls in his arms and yelled, 'Jacob's trying to get my balls!'  The group was silent for a moment before dissolving into laughter.

Owen sang Happy Birthday to Aaron all my super stinkin' cute!

Anderson does his fair share of usually goes 'Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so, for the Bible tells me so, Bible'  Which is a mixture of Jesus Loves Me and B-I-B-L-E.

Anderson was looking at this picture my mom gave Owen from his birthday outing with her.  He sat there saying, 'That Owen, Anderson no go.'

They have both had a cough and a touch of the sniffles.  In trying to figure out if it was more than a cold, I asked Owen if he felt okay and if he hurt anywhere.  He said 'My legs hurt.'  Then later, he said his tummy hurt.  I told him he was probably hungry and he said 'No, I think it's because Anderson bites me all the time.'

For the record, Anderson is a biter, but not on Owen's tummy and not an unprovoked biter.

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