Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

We've been busy already with Owen's school party, a family party, and a church carnival.  At least the costumes are getting lots of wear this year.

Anderson was so excited when he saw his costume.  He got big eyes and a big 'ole grin!  It's been really funny to see the reaction of other little kids...they love seeing Elmo too!  When Anderson is in costume, we have to call him Elmo.  If we call him Anderson, he says 'Me Elmo, me not Anderson.'


 The cousins at the family party. So fun to see them all dressed up.

 Grandma and Elmo
 Granny and Captain Hook.  Doesn't Granny look great!
 Elmo and Caylee.
 Sweet Phereby...cutest little Tarheel cheerleader.

 Decorating a pumpkin.
 Trying out Chris's crazy afro wig.

We got their faces painted at the carnival at church.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Mr. Independent

When you are too little to reach the sink to wash your hands and you are too independent to let Mommy help you, this is how you do it.

What you can't see in the pictures is the free leg flying around while he tries to stay on his perch.  I wasn't able to get a picture of him with the soap dispenser in the sink as he tried to get soap or the hilarity that was him trying to get the soap back on the counter.  And you can't hear him saying 'stay out mommy'.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

So Sweet!

As told to me via Maria...

On the way to school, Anderson was complaining the sun was in his eyes.  Owen told him that we need the sun to live and that the sun helps the leaves change colors.  Then he said 'Mrs. Maria, you should see Evan's tree, it's beautiful.'  Then he told her that he has 2 Papas.  She asked their names and he said Papa Jack and Papa Tim.  She asked who was who and he said Papa Jack is mommy's daddy and Papa Tim is daddy's daddy.  He then told her that Papa Tim is in heaven and that he and Evan are looking out for each other.

Oh how I love this kid!  And just so you can all see how beautiful Evan's tree is, here's a picture.

 Papa Jack suggested and gifted Autumn Blaze Maples for the boys.  I love the red color they are in the fall.

And if you see Owen's Papa Jack, tomorrow is his birthday.  Happy Birthday, Dad!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Owen's Funnies

On the phone with Aaron "Mommy put my eggies in a taco bun."  I made him a breakfast burrito.

On your march, get set, go.

Recipe for Chocolate Soup
Mix it all up and enjoy.

Looking at some Disney stickers "Mommy look, the Convertibles. Can we watch that?"  (The Incredibles)

We went to the mall to have a yummy dinner at the Cheesecake Factory for Aaron's birthday.  Owen walked into the mall, stopped, looked around and said 'This is amazing!"

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This and that pics

Just a few fun pics taken recently....eating a sandwich with a meat fork.

Anderson had some trouble sleeping last week.  I found him in front of the door...good thing there are 2 doors to his room so I could move him to his bed.

Monday, October 17, 2011

2011 Fair

We made our annual trek to the fair.  This was Anderson's first experience and despite being too little for most of the rides, he had a blast.  My sister and her big kids joined us as well.  There was a chance of rain/storms in the forecast, but we once again had beautiful weather.  I feel like we need to go back because we missed so much that the fair has to offer.  We (or rather the kids) rode, rode, rode.  The only animals we saw were at the pig race.  Some pictures from the day.

 I rode this ride later on with Anderson and he insisted I 'drive' the entire time.

 This little dragon roller coaster has been a favorite of Owen's.  He rode it at 2, but I think they raised the height requirement because Anderson wasn't able to ride it.

 The one ride Anderson was big enough for riding solo.  He was so funny during this ride.  Even the carny was laughing along with us.  He was steering away, but took a lot of convincing to let go of the steering wheel and wave to us.  He was also looking around just by moving his eyes and had a smile plastered on his face.

 The cutoff for the big-kid rides was 42 inches...exactly Owen's height with his shoes on, so he was able to ride everything he wanted to.

 Waiting for the pig race to start.  There were 2 pig races, a goat race and a chicken race.  Good times!

 Owen was finally big enough for this ride.  He's asked the past 2 years to ride it.

 Notice that Will is missing from a lot of the ride pics.  He was not a fan.
 A bit of a challenge to make sure we kept up with everyone...for some reason, kids ages 5,4, 3 and 2's like to wander away.  I did love to see the kids looking around with a look of awe on their faces...such a fun experience to watch.
 Will was happy until the ride started.

 Notice Will's look of fear.  They stopped the ride to get him off early.

 Last year Aaron had to ride this coaster with Owen...this year Owen was big enough to ride alone.  He and Julia had a blast on the 'big' drop.
 Owen's favorite's like the Himalaya and went pretty fast.

 These pics of Abby crack me up!  She was a good sport and this ride was more Will's speed.

 High in the sky on the Ferris Wheel...Owen's second favorite.

 Anderson spotted the boats from the air on the Ferris Wheel and wanted to ride them again.

 Goodbye, Fair.  We had fun and will catch you in 2012.