Thursday, September 15, 2011

Owen, Owen, Owen

Owen must have read the blog yesterday, because he stepped up to the plate to challenge Anderson's silliness with this getup...

Preschool is going well.  I told him the first day that I wanted him to tell me 2 things about his day when he got home.  Telling him I wanted this info has opened the floodgates.  Most days he gives me a lot of detail about his day, when I previously would get an 'I don't know' when I asked about his day.  I typically find out who he played with, what letters/numbers they worked on, what activity he enjoyed the most and about the story they read.  Some days more, some less.  I love to hear about his day.  One day he told me all about playing Duck Duck Goose.  He told me how to play, who picked him, who he picked, that they played in the field with a cool black fence and that I really needed to go see the field.

Some funny things he's said lately...he asked Aaron to tell him the story of Robin in the Neighborhood.  That took us a few minutes to figure out that he meant Robinhood.  He got a CD from VBS at Grandma JuJu's church and the first song is 'I Kick it Old School'.  He sings it (and insists) that it is 'I Can't Get Old Sku'.  And in school last week during share time, Owen shared that when his is grown up, he is going to be a daddy with a funny pressure washer.

Owen is such a big helper around the house.  I sure hope some of it sticks around as he gets older.  He'll empty the dishwasher without my asking.  For things that go in the top cabinets, he'll stack them on the counter in front of the appropriate cabinet.  He will help me cook and clean and set the table.  He helps Aaron with the yard and any other work Aaron is doing.

He is very serious about his coloring and drawing.  We've had some good bonding time lately cooking and coloring together.

I love this munchkin to pieces!

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