Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Anderson, Anderson, Anderson

I love this kid!  He is so full of life and keeps me laughing.  He loves to dance and run and jump do all things active and silly.  He puts his little hands on our chin and gives the sweetest kisses.  He is a great hide and seek player...he stays so quiet when he hides (unlike big brother who giggles away). He struts around the house and likes to talk in a deep voice, often telling us 'I'm a worker man.'  Aaron was leaving to run an errand yesterday and Anderson burst into tears after Aaron walked out of the door because he wanted to go too.  We hurried out so he could go with daddy. 

 Hiding from the camera...
And he's already showing teenage tendencies.  I've been having to wake them up every morning since it's been darker in the mornings and daddy has been home so bedtime has been a little later.  I went in this morning and he rolled over, through a stuffed animal across the room, rolled back over and pulled the cover over his head.  I think I'd rather have what I usually get...where he rolls over and pops up with a big ole grin on his face and says 'Hi, Mommy'. 

 He copies everything we all do.  We've been walking down to the babysitter's a lot lately since it's been wonderful weather.  If Owen stops to scratch his leg, we have to stop and wait for Anderson to stop and scratch his leg.

He's such a little stinker and I love him so much!

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