Thursday, August 18, 2011

Vacation Number 2

We got to take a second vacation this summer and have recently returned home after an adventure to Buffalo, NY.  We had a family reunion with my dad's family and had a great time.  We visited an animal park, Niagara Falls, American HD and visited with lots of family.  We wore the kids and ourselves out with late nights and short to no naps.  But our time was limited and we had a lot to see!

This trip was quite the adventure as we rented an RV.  We drove 11 hours the first day and stopped north of Pittsburgh for the night.   Let me tell you, the RV was the way to go.  We tried to be safe and kept the kids in their car seats most of the way, but it was super nice to be able to fix snacks, drinks, lunch and have potty breaks without stopping.  The kids loved the RV and were so excited to be riding and sleeping in it.

Before finishing the drive to NY (or, 'The York' as Owen calls it) we visited an animal park.  What a fun place and just the right size for the kids.  We saw all kinds of animals, from bunnies to bears to hyenas and baby leopards.  The kids got to feed and pet all kinds of animals.  

 It's sort of hard to tell in the picture, but the reindeer rested his head on Anderson's head.  Their antlers were fuzzy and we got to hear them 'click' when they walked.

 We asked Owen if he wanted to ride a camel or a horse.  He said horse and we proceeded to try to talk him into riding a camel.  He kept saying he wanted to ride the horse and pointed at the camel and said 'I want to ride that big horse'.  

Next up, Niagara Falls and family pictures.

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Maridith said...

How fun is that! First you rode in an RV (did you feel like you were 60+?) Then see family, then go to an fun animal park. So cool!! Great pictures!!