Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'm Back!

Have you missed us? I'm behind, again...but I have a good reason. We spent last week with our toes in the sand, and it was wonderful! A few catchup posts and then I'll give vacation details.

Just some randomness...

Owen, modeling for Stihl.

We got a bad pack of diapers...one of the tabs pulls off of these things every time we use them. They've become naptime diapers because we need less coverage at nap. But, prior to my figuring out that the diapers were a problem, Anderson tried to reapply his diaper after a tab pulled off (and do a little yoga).

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Maridith said...

While I was pulling up your blog I said to Lawson "I wonder how E is, I miss her!" Now, I know you were not ignoring me but getting some R&R with the family. Hope you all had a great vacation. Anderson is a hoot!!