Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bed Buddies

My sister's oldest kids often sleep together and I have been excited for the day my kids would...I think it is just too sweet. Well, that day arrived and I was thinking about the adorable pictures I'd get once they were sound asleep. I snuck into Owen's room and took a picture. I came downstairs to ooh and aah at the cuteness. And, this is what I got.

Bummer...looks like there is only 1 kid, right!

So, I waited a little bit and headed back up. Not quite a success, but not a total least there is clearly an extra set of arms in this picture.

Yes, Anderson almost always sleeps with his blanket over his head.

They slept great that night, and wanted to sleep in Owen's bed again the night after, but after nearly an hour of giggling, Anderson was sent to his bed and they have remained separated. :(

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