Friday, June 3, 2011

Odds and Ends

Owen came downstairs from his nap on Mother's Day and told me he had made me something for my 'special day'. He then brought me this...such a sweetie!

No, I don't know what it is...but it's the thought that counts. He's very excited that his birthday is on daddy's special day this year.

Is it Super Anderson or Count Anderson?

He likes to stick his arms out straight and run through the house saying 'Super Anderson.'

Not sure why, but the kids decided to break out the winter jackets and slippers. Well, the slippers are often out and on.

We went to see Dan the Animal Man at Grandma's church. Anderson loved the owl and the 'dinosaur'. He was arguing with me when I was trying to convince him it was an alligator. Owen loved the alligator. This was a baby...about 7 feet long. We also saw a lemur and a fancy porcupine.

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