Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Fighting has entered our household, fortunately it's not too bad (yet), but that is to be expected and a great way for them to learn to handle differences.

This morning though, was a melt this mommy's heart kind of morning. Owen made an early exit from his room, but the following makes it impossible for me to correct him for getting up a little early.

I heard Anderson's door open and heard him say, (very excitedly), "Owen."

We still have the video camera over Anderson's bed to I quickly turned the tv on and watched Owen crawl in bed with Anderson, pull the covers up over them and proceed to rub Anderson's back, while gently telling him to be quiet and lay down. A couple minutes later (I couldn't stop watching this display of love), Anderson rolled over, stretched his arms out and around Owen and said 'love you, Owen.' What a sweet, sweet that brought tears to my eyes and one that I hope to never forget.


The Neidig Family said...

That is just too sweet! Reading it even brought tears to my eyes! Hunter tells Alex he loves him all the time and it melts my heart too.

Maridith @ Strictly Homemade said...

Precious!!! that brought tears to my eyes too!