Thursday, May 5, 2011

I think he is...

Anderson has been working really hard on being a big boy. Every time I feel like I can say he's potty trained, he has a bad day. But, he is in a great spot for his age and we've successfully done a few outings in undies.

In January, he was good as long as he was naked from the waist down...he'd head to his little potty and successfully take care of business. If we put pants or undies on, he'd make a mess in minutes. In March, he progressed to wearing pants and telling us he had to go, but if we put undies on he'd again make a mess. He is now wearing undies most of the time and they are so cute on him!
Doesn't he look so big here?!

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Jill said...

Wonderful news! We are working hard over here too and so far going pretty well but Nathaniel is not quiet as far along as Anderson! Yay for you guys!