Thursday, May 26, 2011


Our little monkey is 2 today!

What a crazy fun addition Anderson has been to our little family. He has a huge personality and is so much fun. He doesn't know a stranger. He has the best laugh. He wants to do everything big brother is doing. He's got his daddy's mischievousness nature. He already tries to delay bedtime by saying 'one more book,' after every book. He's opinionated. He loves shoes and slippers of all styles and sizes...and if someone is wearing the ones he wants, he'll ask the wearer to take them off. He's starting to dress himself. He's nearly a potty pro. He's a great eater and talker and sleeper. He still loves his thumb. He gives great hugs and kisses. He loves his big brother. He's counting to 7. He answers green to any 'what color is this' inquiry. He loves to sing and dance. He loves animals and gives lots of kisses to our dogs. He has quite the temper. He likes to put his stuffed animals in time out. He helps unload the silverware from the ends up in one big pile in the drawer, but it's a start. He loves the vacuum, whether it is on or off. He prefers to run, march or tiptoe instead of walking. He's trying so hard to jump. He gets scared when the dogs go on a barking spree, but is usually hopeful that it means a grandparent is there to visit. He's been incredibly healthy...only 1 sick visit so far...what a miracle! He's started using a pillow and covering up with a blanket at night...we've begun the discussion on when to convert his crib to a toddler bed.

Favorite Foods

Favorite Toys

Favorite Non-thumb Lovies
Blue Blanket

Favorite Sayings
Mommy, watch this!
Bye, Bye, See ya later.

Favorite Activities
Being outside
Anything involving water

Favorite Songs
Jesus Loves Me

Favorite Books
Green Eggs and Ham
Brown Bear Brown Bear

Favorite Answers
Who's baby are you? Mommy's baby, Daddy's boy
Who's a bad boy? Owen

I love you big boy!


Jill said...

Our boys are gowing up so fast and reading this made me cry! So glad Anderson is doing so well. I hope he has a wonderful birthday!

Heather said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDERSON! *I also happen to love Brown Bear, Brown Bear! ;-)

Maridith said...

Happy Birthday Big Boy!! Wow, what a wonderful and fabulous day to have a birthday. I love reading all about him. He is such a smart little guy!

Isn't it amazing our kids can get older and we do not? ha!!