Tuesday, May 31, 2011

B-day Pics

Blogger was giving me a fit last week, so I didn't get the pictures of our birthday boy up.

His cake wasn't my prettiest cake...it was quite tasty and very moist, which made icing it difficult...and it broke when I was layering it. Oh well, like I said, it was quite tasty.

He had the cutest look on his face while we were singing to him...a 'is this all for me' kind of look. The camera didn't fully capture it...but no worries, it's tucked safely in my head.

He did a great job blowing out his candle.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Our little monkey is 2 today!

What a crazy fun addition Anderson has been to our little family. He has a huge personality and is so much fun. He doesn't know a stranger. He has the best laugh. He wants to do everything big brother is doing. He's got his daddy's mischievousness nature. He already tries to delay bedtime by saying 'one more book,' after every book. He's opinionated. He loves shoes and slippers of all styles and sizes...and if someone is wearing the ones he wants, he'll ask the wearer to take them off. He's starting to dress himself. He's nearly a potty pro. He's a great eater and talker and sleeper. He still loves his thumb. He gives great hugs and kisses. He loves his big brother. He's counting to 7. He answers green to any 'what color is this' inquiry. He loves to sing and dance. He loves animals and gives lots of kisses to our dogs. He has quite the temper. He likes to put his stuffed animals in time out. He helps unload the silverware from the dishwasher...it ends up in one big pile in the drawer, but it's a start. He loves the vacuum, whether it is on or off. He prefers to run, march or tiptoe instead of walking. He's trying so hard to jump. He gets scared when the dogs go on a barking spree, but is usually hopeful that it means a grandparent is there to visit. He's been incredibly healthy...only 1 sick visit so far...what a miracle! He's started using a pillow and covering up with a blanket at night...we've begun the discussion on when to convert his crib to a toddler bed.

Favorite Foods

Favorite Toys

Favorite Non-thumb Lovies
Blue Blanket

Favorite Sayings
Mommy, watch this!
Bye, Bye, See ya later.

Favorite Activities
Being outside
Anything involving water

Favorite Songs
Jesus Loves Me

Favorite Books
Green Eggs and Ham
Brown Bear Brown Bear

Favorite Answers
Who's baby are you? Mommy's baby, Daddy's boy
Who's a bad boy? Owen

I love you big boy!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Count down

Oh my, the count down is on.

1 week from today, Anderson will be 2!

1 month from today, Owen will be 4!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Monday

He slept like this all night. When I went up to get him the next morning, Owen had climbed in the crib and was also wearing his fun slippers. My kids certainly have a thing for shoes!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Links

Missed last week and thought I'd miss this week since blogger has been having some issues.

The theme this week seems to be preschool activities! Funny how something different catches me most weeks.

I found Preschool Express this week. What a great site for ideas for things to do with the munchkins. I'm not very creative, so it's great to have so many ideas laid out for me. Only problem is...there are a ton of ideas!

The one non-preschool focused link...What Does It Mean to Simplify Life.

Pocketful of Posies has a fun e-book on homemade play-dough. She also has lots of fun activities and printables.

And I think this is a Mommy project...Make a Little Book.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Camp Out!

Time for the 2nd Annual Daddy/Son backyard campout. Anderson is excited about joining the fun next year. But don't worry, Anderson and I got to join in the campfire, roasting hotdogs, eating s'mores, playing soccer and t-ball, and playing in the tent.

What a fun afternoon and great memories for all of us.

Oh, please do me a favor and ignore Anderson's undies on over his shorts...he's nearly 2 and pretty opinionated:)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Chit Chat

Me: Owen, is Daddy silly or what?
Owen: He's a what!

Owen upon opening an Easter egg, "Look Mommy, more vitamins!"

Owen: Daddy, does this orange juice have pimples? Because we like our orange juice with pimples, don't we?
Aaron: You mean pulp, Buddy?

Owen knocked noggins with me, and said 'It's okay, Mommy. You and me have hard heads.'

Owen: Mommy, for dinner tonight, I want mashed potatoes and 1 green bean.
Please note that neither of my kids eat mashed potatoes and this was said shortly after lunch.

Anderson, walking up to Owen (who was completely minding his own business), pointing said 'Owen, go time out!'

Anderson, after a yawn, 'Tired.'

Anderson has been singing a lot. I tried to sneak up with the video camera, but he caught me and stopped. He tends to get stuck on a song (well part of a song) and sing it over and over. Some of his 'songs' are 'Yes, Jesus, the Bible tells me so' and while rocking his lion, 'Rock a baby in the tree.' He'll sing his ABCs through 'f'.

Heard through the monitor each morning upon Anderson waking up, "Hi lion, hi monkey, hi Eeyore, hi bear, hi doggie." (yes, his bed is full of animals) Followed by 'hi mommy', repeated, then a holler for Mommy and/or daddy.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I think he is...

Anderson has been working really hard on being a big boy. Every time I feel like I can say he's potty trained, he has a bad day. But, he is in a great spot for his age and we've successfully done a few outings in undies.

In January, he was good as long as he was naked from the waist down...he'd head to his little potty and successfully take care of business. If we put pants or undies on, he'd make a mess in minutes. In March, he progressed to wearing pants and telling us he had to go, but if we put undies on he'd again make a mess. He is now wearing undies most of the time and they are so cute on him!
Doesn't he look so big here?!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Swim Lessons

The kids started swim lessons about a month ago. This is the first time for Anderson and the first for Owen without a parent in the water.

In preparation, they did some goggle modeling.

Anderson's favorite part of class...

He'll kick away while totally relaxed and sucking that thumb.
Of course our little monkey likes to do the monkey climb on the wall...he also enjoys climbing out and jumping back in.

How cute is he sitting during big brother's lesson?

Owen, Owen, Owen...our little fish...one problem...he took a BIG nose full of water in his second week. He did not enjoy that experience and seems to have soured a bit on his lessons.
Blowing bubbles and kicking legs...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bunk Beds

No need to purchase expensive beds for your kids...just clean out (or better yet, have them do it) the kitchen cabinets. Bonus, the door can be closed so it's ideal darkness for sleeping.

And, when it's time for a bath, just throw them in a pot.