Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stinky wolfpack and other fun convos

While getting ready the other morning.

Owen (wearing a UNC shirt he picked for the day): Anderson, do you like the wolfpack?
Anderson: nuh-uh
Owen: Good because the wolfpack is stinky!

I'll conveniently omit the part where Owen tried to convince me that Daddy really does like the wolfpack...hehe! For the record, Daddy bleeds Carolina Blue and is super stoked that Harrison Barnes will be back next year!

Owen: I have to tell Daddy that Jesus uses a machine to clean our dirty hearts.

Owen: Daddy, you have to eat dinner before you go to your game.
Aaron: No, buddy, I'll eat after.
Owen: Mommy, can you please go pack Daddy a snack for his game.
Me: Owen, Daddy is a big boy and can pack his own snack if he needs it.

You know that Owen is majorly a Daddy's boy. So I've started working on Anderson...but it is apparently not working.
Me: Anderson, who's boy are you?
Anderson: Daddy's
I've given up and gone to this one...
Me: Anderson, who's baby are you?
Anderson: Mommy's
I'm good with this...especially since jealousy has kicked in and Owen has decided he's mommy's baby too.

As I was leaving the babysitter's Wednesday morning, I heard Anderson yell through the door 'love you'.

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Alisa said...

Oh, I love these posts!! The things kids say is absolutely priceless!!!