Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday Links

Lessons Learned from Turning off the TV...Our kids do very very little TV. It's pretty much limited to weekend snuggle time in our bed for a short amount of time. I decided toward the end of January that I was watching too much and decided I'd only watch on weekends. My plan was to just do that during February. Well, here it is April and I'm still doing it. I've had some weeks that haven't been as restricted, but overall, I've stuck to it. Give it a try!

Virtually Clutter Free...clean out that inbox! And, use labs in gmail..I love gmail so I'm incorporating the labs. My office also uses gmail, so I am tackling work and personal email inboxes.

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Laura said...

I love it!!! We're the same way! Our kids have such amazing imagination and I feel like our family is so much stronger for not watching! (Of course we do have movie night and stuff)... I sometimes just want to keep them in my own little bubble... <3