Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Pics

These are pics from our Easter weekend. Please scroll down and read the post before this one if you haven''s much more important than these pictures.

Owen had 4 at school on Thursday, a neighborhood one that ended up being in our front yard...long story, but we benefited greatly from some disorganization on the HOA board, one at church Sunday morning and one with Aaron's family Easter afternoon. Owen is surely a pro by now! Anderson was hilarious, once he discovered there is candy in the eggs, he would open each egg to see what was in it before putting it in his basket.

Checking out the sugary goodness from the Easter Bunny.

We tried really hard to get a picture before church...this was the best we got.

The ride to church...he did this all on his own and rode most of the way to church this way.

Then Owen decided to copy.

They were so excited to see the Easter Bunny. Anderson was practically chasing him down trying to say 'hi', but when we were ready to do a picture with him, they both changed their minds about getting too close.

Church hunt...which was followed by a kid's rally inside.

Aaron's wonderful Grandmother and 9 of her 11 great grandchildren.

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