Sunday, February 20, 2011

What they are saying (and doing)

I think these are some really good ones...

In the tub, laying side by side splashing away...Owen put his arm around Anderson and said 'I love you.' Anderson responded, by looking up, big grin and a 'love you.'

The dogs almost always announce, rather loudly, Aaron's arrival. We were sitting on the couch reading when the dogs sounded the alarm. I hope I can describe this as sweetly as it was...Anderson took a deep breath, formed an 'o' with his mouth and his entire face lit up as he excitedly started looking back and forth. He then hopped down and went to the door saying 'Daddy, Daddy'!

Owen calls short sleeves 'up sleeves' and long sleeves 'down sleeves'.

We've been working on getting Mommy a little privacy around the house. One morning as Owen was getting dressed, he said 'Wesley, go away, I don't have a shirt on and you can't see me.' For those who don't know, Wesley is our girl dog.

And sticking with privacy, Owen was using the restroom and I was vacuuming the hall outside it. He was having a fit that I was in the area (even though not in the room and not paying him any attention). A simple remedy would have been to close the door.

Anderson's newest animal obsession is a pig. We started with dogs, moved to horses and now are on pigs.

If I ask Owen what he wants for breakfast, he most often answers pancakes. I think pancakes are a pain to make, so don't make them too often. On a recent Friday night, Aaron asked me to make them Saturday morning. When Owen got up, I told him that Daddy put a bug in my ear to make pancakes for breakfast. A little while later he said 'Mommy, why did daddy put a bug on a pancake and put it in your ear'?

Riding along in the car, out of the blue, Owen asked, 'Mommy, do I look like a goat'?

Owen knows his letters and numbers, but I had to laugh the other day when he said the clock read 7, 0, up 9 (7:06).

Anderson pushed by me the other day and said 'excuse me'.

Anderson's begun combining words and is a chatter box. He'll repeat anything we say. He's taken to talking on the phone and will usually say 'hi', 'uh-huh', and 'love you'.

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