Friday, February 11, 2011

More Food and Letter Fun

Like I said in the last post, food is more fun when you can play with it. We have lots of letter talk around our house these days and I thought it would be fun to have a hands on letter activity. So, Owen and I took some time to make soft pretzels. We made some traditional pretzel shapes and some letters, some other shapes and some blobs.

I didn't get the best pictures since my hands were in the dough, but we had a great time and we all enjoyed eating the pretzels.

Owen started off making the letters for his name, switched to making Evan and ended up doing some blobs. I guess a 'v' is a bit easier to make from dough than a 'w'.

As I mentioned above, Owen wanted to spell Evan's name. Owen is starting to understand and talk and ask about Evan more and more. It is so sweet for me to hear his little voice say 'Evan.' His questions are sometimes difficult to answer...more from a not knowing how to answer so that he can understand than from an emotionally difficult point right now. I can almost see the wheels turning in his head as he tries to process who God is and who Evan is, where they are, and where heaven is, and how Jesus can live in our hearts. It is really a wonderful opportunity and blessing to share God with a child. I got Randy Alcorn's book Heaven from the library and Owen was carrying it in the house for me. He asked what it was and I said a book on heaven and his sweet reply was, 'where Jesus and Evan live!?'


mommaof4wife2r said...

i love those little voices! sofia sounds like minnie mouse right now! i really hope she keeps that sweet voice...but i don't think it will happen.

Maridith said...

What a great post. Owen is so sweet and truly it is a great opportunity to teach him about heaven and God. I love it that he talks about Evan and wanted to spell his name too. I honestly got teary eyed reading this post. Love you!

Wolfpacker's Angel said...

I'm crying. It is so sweet that Owen talks so openly about Evan and includes him in your daily life.

Alisa said...

Oh, E! That made me tear up. It is a great way for you to talk about God and so sweet that Owen wanted to spell Evan's name. Love to you all!