Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What they are saying

Lots of fun conversations at our house these days. Here's a sampling...

We went to play at Madelyn's and her daddy was getting ready to go on duty (he's a deputy). Owen came home and told Aaron that he saw Carey in his Halloween costume.

Owen was at Aaron's grandma's and he was helping her put her shoes away. He very meticulously flattened the tissue paper piece by piece. After the 3rd piece of tissue, she prodded him to add the shoes. He responded, 'I will, but you'll have to have some patience.'

Anderson for months now has referred to almost every 4 legged creature as a dog. Now, all dogs are dogs and everything else is a ho-oarse. Just a little southern drawl in that pronunciation.

Aaron was helping Owen with his shoes and Owen said 'Daddy, I told Mrs. M (his preschool teacher), when I grow up I'm going to be a daddy.'

I then asked him if his babies would be boys or girls and without hesitating, he said 'girls.' Not sure if Caylee, Hadley, Elise, Harper or Phereby have anything to do with that answer, but he does love some baby girls!

When I ask Owen a question with that has a 'yes' answer, he's been answering, 'that would be correct, mommy.'

He was pretend talking to Aaron on the phone and said, 'yes (pause), yes sir.' He talks to Aaron every morning on the phone and most of the time, the first question is answered 'yes' followed by 'yes sir' after Aaron or I correct him. It cracked me up that he followed the same pattern in pretend play.

Speaking of talking on the phone, Anderson now also talks to Daddy every morning. Most mornings, it's 'hi', followed by something completely unintelligible, followed by 'luv you, bye-bye'. So sweet!

Anderson is still quite vocal and surprises me all the time with the words he knows. He'll repeat anything we say and he's very happy to tell you exactly what he wants...which makes things easier around the house, well as long as it is something he can have.

I was telling Aaron that I had gone over lots of body parts with Anderson and he pointed to his then mine. Owen learned about skin last week in preschool so I asked where his skin was. Aaron then asked him where his nostril was, told him it was the holes in his nose...proud moment here...'you mean how we pick our nose!' Uh, how about how we breathe, buddy.

Pics soon...they actually made if off the camera...now they just have to make it into a post.


mommaof4wife2r said...

i love that anderson is sooo big now! my brooke loves the dogs too. i can't wait to see more pics of the boys soon!

Pat..... Sun..... said...

I love reading the things children say!!! This brought a lot of chuckles from Uncle Tracy and me.