Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Parenting Experts

Who are your resources? I like John Rosemond and Dr. James Dobson. I like Dr. Leman's books, but haven't read any of his parenting books...I have a feeling I would like him as well.

I subscribe to John Rosemond's column via email. I think last week's column (1/4) is worth a read for all of you parents of school age and younger children. His style is very common-sensicle and makes sense to me.

Here's the link to his site and specifically to last week's column (this one may not work too much longer as the new one should be posted shortly. I'll try to update when he does.

Happy Parenting!


CharGrill said...

I read the column you linked in your post - the New Year's resolutions - GREAT advice!! What great things to incorporate, no matter what age of the kids. I hope that when it comes to raising my future children, I can follow some of these resolutions most of the time (all of the time sounds too hard). Thanks for the read!
Your family is looking great and the boys are growing up - so glad you are all doing well! Happy New Year!

Jill said...

I am a John Rosemond fan as well and subscibe to his column too. Great stuff!