Tuesday, December 7, 2010

World TTTS Awareness Day - 2010

Today is World TTTS Awareness Day.

As you know, our sons Owen and Evan battled TTTS. After thinking we were in the clear, Evan lost his battle and was called home to heaven before taking a breath on this earth.

Four years ago, I was 2 weeks away from finding out I was pregnant with the twins I'd always dreamed I'd have and had prayed for. The past 4 years have not been anything that I would have written for my life, but I know they are part of God's perfect plan. I have had many struggles the past 4 years and many questions. Many of my struggles have been quite selfish and they've all been of the flesh.

I still have times of struggle and of sorrow. I had a time just over a week ago where I teared up writing Evan's name for the dedication of the poinsettia we purchased in his honor to decorate the church. I miss my baby! But, God has done an amazing work in my life through Evan's short life. My faith has become much more real to me. I've had a very blessed and easy life. Through most of it, I was, sadly, pretty self-reliant. But, God has used Evan to turn me to Him, to find comfort in Him, to find peace in Him. I know that I will see Evan again. Jesus has claimed the victory over death!

As Christmas nears and we celebrate the birth of our Savior, lets remember that Jesus came to die for our sins. I have spent many hours crying over Evan and many hours feeling sorry for myself. God willingly sent His Son to die for me and my sins (and yours too)! Wow, what a mighty God we serve!

Shortly after Evan passed away, Aaron remarked that Evan is the lucky one. Evan is the one who has not had to deal with the pain and sufferings of this broken life...he went straight to be with Jesus. What a wonderful promise from God that we will spend eternity with Him and Evan and our brothers and sisters in Christ.

I have often wondered how someone who doesn't know God can endure the pain from the brokenness of this life. If you don't know God or have a personal relationship with Him; if you don't know for sure that if you were to die today that you would spend eternity in heaven, please let today be your day of salvation. Jesus came to earth as a man to pay the penalty for our sins. Admit to God that you are a sinner. None of us is perfect. We are all born with a sin nature. Believe that Jesus is God's son and died on the cross and rose again. His blood was shed for our sins. He paid our penalty on the cross. Confess your sins and ask Jesus into your heart and life.


Alisa said...

E, that was so beautiful and so well written. You brought tears to my eyes this morning. Your words are very powerful. Evan is smiling down on us all right now, along with Jesus. I agree with you - I don't know how a non-believer is able to live without knowing they will be with Jesus and their loved ones again. It brings me great comfort knowing that we will all be reunited in Heaven one day. We love you and today we are saying a special prayer for you, for Evan, and for all the other TTTS families.

Mommy said...

What an amazingly beautiful post, Elizabeth. Our Sunday School lesson last Sunday was on hardships and growing faith . . . allowing God to build your faith in the valleys of life. How powerful to read your story/post today! Please know that I am thinking of you and your sweet Evan today.

Jill said...

Elizabeth this is such a touching and beautiful post. Evan is watching over your family and in your hearts always. Thinking and praying for you and all other TTTS familes.

Ali said...

awesome post elz!