Wednesday, December 15, 2010


We've had a rather chilly start to our winter and have had snow twice already with another shot in the forecast this week. Fortunately, what we've had so far hasn't caused any driving issues.

Owen was super excited to head out to play in the snow. Now, we did not have Buffalo snowfall amounts, but we did have fun in the little we had. Ignore the fact that he is wearing pj bottoms...for some reason he almost always changes into pjs at some point during nap time. We were so excited to go out into the snow that we didn't bother to change.

I wanted Owen to pose with some of our exterior Christmas decorations and this is what I got. The flag is from the parade. And that is Jordan in the middle. The dogs were loving it too.

Who needs to roll his own snowman when you've got this one?

Owen, Anderson and I played in the front yard for a bit. When I decided I was cold and wanted to go in, Owen decided to head to the backyard and he played out there another 30 minutes or so by himself.

Defrosting by the fire.

A full shot of our Christmas stockings.

While Owen was outside, Anderson was doing some cooking in his long-johns.

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