Thursday, December 16, 2010


We've never been to visit Santa. I'm not much for malls this time of year or paying for an overpriced not great photo or being around so many snot nosed little ones.

Owen has quite a bit of excitement around Christmas this year. We've done a lot of talking about Christmas being a celebration of Jesus' birthday. But, Santa has also entered the picture and Owen had been asking this year to go see Santa. A local toy store had a Santa event where visits with Santa were by appointment. They also had crafts for the kids, hot chocolate and a huge play area.

Courtney let us go with Madelyn at her appointment, which was earlier than ours. Owen was so excited and hopped right onto Santa's lap and told him he'd been a good boy, that he would like a weed eater, trimmer and blower just like his daddy's and that Anderson would like a kitchen. I think Santa's head was spinning with the speed that Owen was talking. Anderson and Madelyn were less thrilled with the you can see.

Anderson's poor sad post crying eyes. Santa was reacting to Madelyn who had just told Santa she wanted a baby doll.

They were excited to see Rudolph. Anderson was getting low like Rudy.

Thanks Aunt Sandra for taking these great pics!

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