Saturday, December 4, 2010


Black Friday = shopping for some...for us it = decorating. I began prepping before Thanksgiving by putting the normal stuff away and doing some cleaning and making new bows for our wreaths. We pulled all the bins, trees, wreaths, reindeer, snowmen, wrapping paper, bows and ribbon out of the attic the weekend before and started decorating Friday morning.

The excitement and Christmas magic in our house is in full swing. This is the first year that Owen 'gets it.' He remembers quite a bit from last year and is very excited to see if Santa brings him a weed eater and blower like his daddy's. He would also like some gum in his stocking.

Owen had a blast helping decorate...we have a very high concentration of ornaments at his height around 3/4 of the tree. There are even ornaments hanging on ornaments. I pulled my favorite angel ornament out of the bin and said 'aww, this is my favorite.' Every ornament Owen pulled out after that point was greeted with an 'aww, this is my favorite.' I think he real favorites (based on the ones he keeps going back to and pointing out) are his tricycle, a really cool Craftsman tool ornament of Aaron's, and a stand mixer ornament of mine.

Thinking hard about where to hang the ornament.

The densely ornamented section...

Anderson has been completely smitten with the on/off button for the tree lights. The first day or two was a challenge to keep him from pulling ornaments off, but they seem to have lost their magic or the many 'no touches' have actually sunk in.

Owen played most of Friday with our small nativity. We were in the car and our neighbor pulled up next to us. I chatted with her while waiting for the light to change. When we drove away, Owen asked who we were talking to. When I told him Mary, he was excited to pull his Mary out and tell me he had a Mary too. I spent hours playing with my mom's nativity and it is fun to watch Owen play with one too and talk through the Christmas story with him.

Owen is excited to see the outside lights magically turn on each night and last night wanted to go pet the reindeer. He's also enjoyed seeing everyone else's decorations.

Our nightly songs have become Christmas songs with Jesus in the Hay (Away in the Manger), Frosty, and Rudolph most requested. Jingle Bells is still requested, but since that's been a regular in the rotation since last Christmas, I'm not sure he knows it's a Christmas song.

Daddy let them both have a try at placing the star...

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