Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Parade

The busyness of the season is upon us...we've been to the Christmas parade, had some snow, been to visit Santa, been to my niece's Christmas pageant, are preparing for Owen's Christmas program and our many family Christmas celebrations. Lots of pictures to post...so hold on or maybe it is be patient for me to have time to post.

We kicked off the season with a Christmas parade. Grandma Ju-Ju, Courtney and Madelyn joined us. The highlight for Owen was the man in red at the end of the parade, oh, and the candy.

Munching on some snacks waiting for the action.

Anderson and Mady playing the slide along the curb game.

It was cold...we were dressed in layers. The kids were a little like the kid from The Christmas Story movie.

Waving to...

This guy...

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