Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas Cards

Who doesn't love to get Christmas cards...especially those with pictures?!

I've been on an every other year sending pattern, but Shutterfly is going to break the pattern for me. You see, they are giving bloggers 50 free holiday cards! I've used Shutterfly several other times to order prints and photo books and have had great experiences. When I saw the promotion on Money Saving Mom, I jumped over to Shutterfly to see the card styles they have! They have so much to choose from...over 500 designs! I've not completely decided the card that will grace your refrigerator this Christmas season, but do know that it will be one with room for several pictures...maybe this, or this, or this. It is so hard to choose just 1 picture of the many I've taken this past year I love that Shutterfly has so many options...and they make it easy to get the perfect card. Now, on to make the final decision about card design and to browse the other personalized products that make great Christmas gifts.

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Jill said...

Hey thanks for the info! I was planning to create and order through Shutterfly and now I'm hoping to do it for free!