Friday, October 22, 2010

We went to the fair!

And had a blast! It was fun to say 'yes' to Owen for just about every request. He rode and rode and rode and ate some tasty and unhealthy food. Leading up to the fair he was talking about riding the Dragon Wagon (little roller coaster) and the firetruck which were his favorites from last year.
Here's our fair adventure in pictures...
Front seat of Dragon Wagon...he snagged this seat both times he rode.

I loved these hot air balloons...they looked like so much fun. Owen cracked me up the way he was so relaxed during the ride.

Front row again...

Daddy squeezed in with Owen to ride a bigger roller coaster that he was too little to ride alone.

We took a break to eat some dinner...he ate the whole thing!

Owen was loving this game.

Riding the big ferris wheel with Daddy.

The corn was his favorite.


Jessica said...

So fun! Looks like he had a blast:)!

Ali said...

what a fun time! wyatt and matt rode that same worm roller coaster at the DE state fair!! matt could barely get his leg in!! i can't believe how big both of the boys are getting!! owen is so cute holding the corn dog!!