Monday, October 11, 2010

Around our house - Owen

Lots going on around our house these days. Owen and Anderson are both at great ages right now. Will there ever be a time that I don't think my kids are the cutest kids ever? I hope not! I started this post and realized I needed to break it into 2 posts.

Some fun things from the past week or so...
Owen singing 'green might mice, green might mice, see how they run'

Owen helped me make Aaron's birthday cake. He was in the bathtub when Aaron came home and was terribly upset that his daddy would see the cake before he showed him. The panic on his face was pitiful! Good thing Aaron had a lot of tools to unload, which gave me time to dry Owen off and send him downstairs in his birthday suit to proudly show Aaron the cake he made him.

One day last week was Owen's special day at preschool. On his special day, he got to choose a toy and book to take to school and share with the class. He had been saying for a few days that he wanted to take a tractor (that was actually mine as a kid). We packed the tractor up and then it was time to choose a book. He chose the Sunbelt Tool Catalog. Thinking that the teacher was probably using the book for story time, I slipped another book in the bag. Morning of his special day, elphanant (how he pronounces elephant) came downstairs with him and elphanant took the tractor's place.

Back to the Sunbelt catalog...Owen likes to have something to read while doing his business. He was looking at the catalog, turned the page and said 'Ooh, I haven't seen this page before!'

One night last week when I was tucking Owen into bed, he said that I should sleep in his bed and he'd sleep downstairs with daddy. He continued on to say that I could get up early and fix breakfast for him and daddy while they slept in. He then requested eggs.

Being the nice mommy I am, I did make him eggs the next morning. I set the plate on the table, he looked at it and said 'where's the spinach.' Now, I would like to be able to say that I have the best eater in the world and he gobbles up his veggies...but I don't. When there is spinach in his eggs, he tends to pick around it.

Owen was pretending he had an ice cream cone. He told me he put sprinkles on it and caffeine in it.

Aaron had a local baseball camp this past weekend. Since he had a long afternoon break, I packed a picnic dinner and took the kids over to hang out. We enjoyed the beautiful weather and met some of the umpires Aaron has mentioned. We stayed and watched an inning with Aaron's crew before heading home for baths and bed. Aaron was the plate umpire and his first call was a strike. Owen entertained the audience by saying (loudly and animated) "Did you just hear my daddy say 'strike'."

On the drive home, after hearing the same questions over and over (mainly, why?), I asked Owen if he was stuck on repeat. He dissolved into a fit of giggles saying how funny the word 'repeat' is.

What is it about little boys and their teachers? Owen out of the blue told me that he loves Mrs. Missy.

We were working on full names. Owen was really excited to learn that he is named after Papa. When I first asked him his full name, he said 'My name is Stink and Anderson's name is Squirt'. I told him that was his nickname and we worked a little more on his full name. Then we went through everyone else's name and who they are named after. For the record, Evan is named after Aaron and his grandfather and Anderson is named after Aaron's grandmother.

I keep thinking we are at my favorite age, and then it just keeps getting better and better. I love you O-Dub!

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